Data Management Solutions

RBG Finance assists companies by providing advice on, and implementing, data management reporting processes. From among the various dimensions, we provide expertise in the areas of:

  • Risk Management: controlling and measuring data quality for critical and secondary processes
  • Control: monitoring the integrity of data sets during transferral, processing and storage in the process chain.
  • Compliance: ensuring transparency for the stakeholders and ensure compliance with internal and/or external regulations and standards.
  • Analysis: managing data sets to allow for effective data mining and trend identification.

Is data quality on the agenda?

The importance of data quality in organisational (IT) processes / projects is frequently identified too late. In addition, often roles and responsibilities over data quality within the reporting chain are not clearly established. Because of this, in many cases chain-wide coordination is inadequate, both in the vertical supply chain (e.g., within the risk discipline from the source system to the target system) and in horizontal links with other business disciplines (e.g., Finance and Financial Statements). Moreover, opportunities to improve efficiency in the reporting process (e.g., less manual work-arounds) are missed.

Improve the quality of your data

RBG Finance has extensive experience in these areas. We have successfully implemented a risk control framework for several companies. This framework has the dual goal of a) bringing data quality up to an acceptable level and/or maintaining it there, and b) ensuring that the quality of the data can be validated. Please contact us if you would like more information over our framework and/or you would like us to tailor a concept/plan specifically for your company’s needs. We can also help you to implement it.